S.S. Ginnie and The Crew
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About S.S. Ginnie and The Crew

S.S. Ginnie has made the Florida Keys not only her home but what fuels her music, creating songs that reflect her love for the beach, sun, and ocean.  With a strong likeness to Jimmy Buffet, her music will have you transported to island time with an infectious ability to make you smile. S.S. Ginnie has weathered adversity, only to rebuild stronger through her music and her fun-loving attitude. Taking inspiration from a wide array of artists like The Isley Brothers, Aerosmith, and Carole King, it is evident in S.S. Ginnie’s music that she has taken a piece of everything she loves and put it into her songs. 

When she isn’t writing music, you can find S.S. Ginnie kayaking around the mangrove islands of the Keys, photographing some of the famous sunrises and sunsets, and performing with friends at one of the local jams. When she heads to the mainland, S.S. Ginnie finds energy and inspiration at local parks, museums, libraries, and different cultural events.  Although she loves the home she’s made for herself in Florida, she is an extensive traveller, soaking in the beauty of the world around her wherever she goes.

S.S. Ginnie has found her “Crew” throughout this musical journey which is made up of all the people who help make the S.S. Ginnie project possible.  In addition to all of her friends and fellow musicians in Florida, S.S. Ginnie has found a lot of her “Crew” in Nashville, TN. This is where she wrote and recorded her upcoming album and made lasting connections with some powerful prayer warriors.  S.S. Ginnie is forever grateful for her “Crew” in the many places and ways they come into her life and become an integral part of not only her music but also her community.

S.S. Ginnie and The Crew’s exciting new pair of projects has affectionately been nicknamed “The Surf Project” and “The Turf Project.” Her time spent living in the Keys is the inspiration for the “surf” element, with her travels prior to her taking residence in the Keys being the inspiration behind the “turf” portion. The Surf Project is set to release in 2019, followed by “The Turf Project.”  This first installment is perfect to add to that beach playlist and daydream those long summer days away.



S.S. Ginnie - Ridin The Wave (Official Artwork) - Final - Sized.jpeg

The Debut single from s.s. Ginnie and the crew!

S.S. Ginnie - Ocean Girl Pt. 1 - Final - Sized.jpeg

The new single off The surf project!



The official lyric video for S.S. Ginnie and The Crew's debut single, "Ridin' the Wave," off The Surf Project.